19 de February de 2019
Fabrício De Nadai explica como o mercado de alimentação corporativa cresce em meio à crise no Brasil

Fabrício De Nadai Explains How the Corporate Food Market Grows Through the Crisis in Brazil

The corporate food sector has been gaining more and more space in Brazil. Companies are looking for the service not only considering the cost benefit, which is extremely attractive, but, mainly, the satisfaction of its employees, as explained by Fabrício De Nadai, General Director of De Nadai Alimentação.
19 de February de 2019
Confira como a tecnologia está mudando o mercado de alimentação corporativa na visão de Fabrício De Nadai

Check out How Technology is Changing the Corporate Food Market in Fabrício De Nadai’s Vision

Advances in technology are remarkable and surprising. Nowadays, it is possible to enjoy, on a daily basis, innumerable benefits that technology has to the point of making it impossible to think about life and work without it.
19 de February de 2019
Entenda, com Fabrício De Nadai, porque investir em alimentação corporativa pode ajudar o seu negócio

Understand, with Fabrício De Nadai, Why Investing in Corporate Food Can Help Your Business

You have certainly noticed that motivated and recognized employees are much more efficient. However, many managers wonder how to keep the company's budget under control and still leave their work team satisfied.